Heroica RPG General Discussion · 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ · 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · Heroica RPG – Quest # An Unexpected Return. portion of this book re-writes most of the rules from all 4 Heroica set and changes quite a .. This is certainly not an attempt to turn Heroica into a traditional RPG. It’s at and is called “Alternative Version of Heroica”. Download the rules and the Quick Guide and start playing. It’s a blast.

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Or, I was possibly thinking that we might ask for permission to do our own mini-version here if we get enough interest. Heroica Hall, Marketplace or Training Room topics. There were four initial Heroica sets released in Optionally, the hero can choose to use an item at their disposal rulees of rolling a die.

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Despite its balance issues some character powers are much better than others and rule ambiguities, it created a lot of buzz among Lego fans and boardgame hobbyists. The players on a quest may not post heroiac elsewhere e. A Wizard may use the scroll to as either a Fireball or Wall of Fire. Each was playable independently, or could be combined into one “Epic Heroica” board.

Available battle actions depend on the job class of the player, but most classes can attack physically with or without a weapon only sages are unable to attack physically. A Druid may use the scroll to restore Health to himself or another Hero.

In Lego released a line of sets called Heroica. Unless noted otherwise, a Hero may use a potion or scroll ruoes your turn in addition to another action.

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These items heeroica potionsbombs and scrolls. For example, when two Level 5 enemies attack a hero with 5 SP, their combined attacks allow 5 damage to surpass the defense. This way even low level enemies have a chance of damaging a hero with high SP.


I might have to look into this. Sometimes a quest is only available to heroes of a specific level of experience or class. The hero can change a job class except the basic one in-between quests at the Training Room topic. They also released a variety some trading cards as marketing promotions.

Hegoica applications are on the same thread from I can tell. A Druid or Wizard can open magical doors with a roll of a Shield.

Sign In Don’t have an account? If it rolls a Skull, it is defeated. Along with the initial four boards, they released a “storage mat” As usual for its games, Lego discontinued the project within two years, and after that deleted its web presence. Additionally, Lego produced The Lord of the Rings – The Battle for Helm’s Deep – not which used similar rules and builds for a two-player asymmetrical skirmish game.

Lasts until the Hero attacks. However, if a player has participated in 15 quests no matter if they are successful, failed or cancelled OR hosted at least 5 quests, the player can create a second character without losing their original hero.

Heroica RPG

Different factions within Eubric will also favour heroes that participate on the quests they have pitched. The exception is the bosses. The Hall is also where they can embark on quests with varying goals, such as finding a specific item or a person, defeating a monster or fighting a group of enemies.

This was a roll-and-move fantasy-RPG boardgame, alongside some nice microscale environs. At Level 30, if certain special requirements are met, the hero can move onto expert job classes. On your turn roll the LEGO dice and move your Hero the number of spaces indicated spaces or 4 spaces if the Shield is rolled. Loosely based on the LEGO subtheme of the same name, the game has blossomed since its creation in The game appeals to medieval fantasy fans as well as creative writers.


If a party member is knocked out in a battle during a quest, they will be revived after the battle with one health.

Alternate Lego Heroica Rules

A diagonal move counts as 1 space. A Barbarian or Knight can smash rocks or doors with a roll of a Shield. All enemies that are rulfs targeted by an attack by anyone in a round of battle get a Free Hit after the heroes have acted, causing damage to one of the heroes. During a quest, the QM will present the party various options on how to advance.

You can build most of it yourself with parts from any other Heroica set combined with the daggers from Mini-Taurus which also contains an easily-repurposable minotaur final boss and four more microfigures.

The Rules I’ll probably have to re-read, but I bet it will do fairly well! This set was not released in the US and is difficult to find outside of Europe. Rulees all Heroes take their turns, all monsters move 3 squares towards the nearest Hero. Completing a quest will benefit a hero with either gold, extra levels of experience or rare items.

A Hero will gain 1 point of Experience for each point of Strength of a defeated monster. I’ve made some custom LDraw parts for prototyping Heroica maps. MosaicBricks – Mocpages – Flick r – Brickshelf – Want your wizards to shoot out huge shots of fire? The host of the quest called the Quest Master or QM will decide which applicants can participate into the mission.