I would like to get a very nice trigger job on a SS GP for the single Ruger forum I found the IBOK for the GP on Google (GP IBOK). I received the GP pdf this morning. I found the IBOK so helpful thought I should bump it back up so others could keep seeing it. Gp Ibok – PDF Free. Download – -. Ruger sp manual pdf ruger sp manual pdf magnum revolver like the. Ruger GP For many.

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GP100 IBOK for SP101

All times are GMT They come with a 9lb, 10lb, 12lb reduced power mainspring and a 8lb and 10lb reduced power trigger return spring. That’s the only thing right now keeping me from buying an SP Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Actually it is the only handgun I own.

The firing pin is secured by a recoil plate part 31 and held in place by a recoil plate iblk pin part In extreme cases, even a stainless gun will rust. Last edited by Greybeard7; at However, if I only owned Ruger revolvers I would not even notice this shortcoming.


Then it did it again a couple of times and was “fixed” by tipping it up again.

Password Gl100 enter a password for your user account. July 25th, If the plunger does not move freely, dress the hole some more.

I Just received the spring kit and reviewed your article again before starting the project.

If all chambers pass this test, the gun is within specifications. The hammer is cut with pretty sharp edges from the factory and my thumbs are way more comfortable now. The Safariland duty type holsters are nice but the retention is a little much for my taste.

This slack allows the hammer to wander a bit horizontally. Bp100 like the trigger, you will usually see about. The screw has thread lock.

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Removing the firing pin is not recommended because it will damage the finish. This will make the chamber mouth have somewhat of a cone shape and will allow wadcutters or semi-wadcutters to chamber without stubbing on the chamber mouths.

Set the rest of the gun aside for now. By tipping the revolver up it may allow the transfer bar to slip back slightly and clear the obstruction. Carry-up is a condition where the cylinder is iboo to lock up near the end of a hammer stroke. Blow it out with compressed air.


Course Ive never had a complaint about Ruger’s revolvers. As the trigger is released: Yea, I do it with my semis and its part of why I like them. Place the rough side down on a piece of grit sandpaper and burnish the side smooth.

Strange problem with my GP100

I’m always tempted to get another GP just so I can take it apart and do things like this. Here is a general question, what is a good polishing compound to use. Normally, GPs tend to carry-up a bit early. Insert the case ibokk a chamber and locate it directly in line with the firing pin hole.

Can it take moonclips without modification?