This work is a comparative study of the philosophies of two great minds- The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Nysut Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re. Although they are. Brother Polight, Actor: Caleb a Living Miracle. Brother Polight is an actor, known for Caleb a Living Miracle (). k Followers, 48 Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Brother POLIGHT Wrote 90+Books (@brother_polight).

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The second are various medications that can reduce virility through inducing a hormone imbalance.

Then he polifht a UFO philosophy that is completely conjecture. There is no medical evidence for this claim. Kemet is our example par excellence for building a strong nation.


There is not much mention of the place brohher women that do not want children or can not have children. The claim can also be easily checked with a gaussmeter or magnetometer.

The Kemetians did not believe in G-d. There is far more evidence that racism is a social construct that was invented to solidify power around white men.


Poligyt statements reduce the validity of the argument. Tonal languages ,primarily from Africa, have the added benefit of increase overall brain wave vibration. Polight can then use the hierarchy of roles to berate homosexuals and people in interracial relationships.

Black people cannot claim to be part of Rabbinical Judaism. Polight also conflates Kemetic mythology with Western science. Black people need to be mindful of how their feelings about successful black people could be rooted in the suffering of brothee.

Brother Polight changes his Black Power convictions

We simply need to spend our money wisely. Islam began in Arabia and was meant for Arabs. If large percentages of the population do not get vaccines there could be outbreaks of serious diseases. One of the more outrageous claims by Polight is that the heart is an electromagnet.

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The Talmud explicitly states that a Jew does not have to treat a Gentile in a moral manner. Do black gay men have more job mobility because they are not tied down with a wife and children?

However, his main spiritual influence is Dr. Thoroughly enjoying the concept behind this site.

The Arab slave trade lasted years longer and transported six million more people. Blac Youngsta Episode Since, I no longer live in these so called Black communities. There is no large-scale economic plan in the Bible.


Wood Harris Episode His father died when he was eight years old. Isreali law prohibits education for Ethiopian Jews after fifteen years. The Garden Eden story serves as a bbrother metaphor for the current state of Black America.

Also, numerous verses in the old testament show that a Jewish person should not share their G-d with other nations.

Brother Polight (Episode 86)

Cardi B Episode polightt What Polight has right and what he has wrong Again Polight does a good job pointing out flaws in the religion of another person. As stated earlier everyone has to reinvent the religion to suit their needs. Men believing that they are inherently stronger or less susceptible to strong emotions is not supported by fact. Polight is correct on the importance of a healthy and plant-based diet.