Masuji Ibuse (井伏 鱒二) was a Japanese Waseda University, Ibuse was greatly influenced by the works of Shakespeare and Basho; he was also an a. Editorial Reviews. Review. “This painful and very beautiful book gives two powerful : Black Rain (Japan’s Modern Writers) eBook: Masuji Ibuse. : Black Rain (Japan’s Modern Writers) (): Masuji Ibuse, John Bester: Books.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Editorial Reviews Review “This ibbuse and very beautiful book gives two powerful messages—of drastic warning, yet also of affirmation of life.

Much of the beauty is in the glimpses of the agrarian and community life, in the love of family, and some of it is in simple, stunning imagery. It starts with a young woman called Yasuko, who has trouble finding a suitor because of the circulating rumors that she was affected by the bombing radiation. The genius of the book is weaving the accounts into a cohesive whole, and making no judgment or commentary on the events other than the opinions expressed in the accounts.

The ending to the novel was satisfactory because the end of the raon was a good place rian end the novel.

The title has a lot to do raib the book because the title is how the whole thing started, with Mr. When the smoke cleared again, we found that the obstacle was a corpse clasping a dead baby in its arms It’s very hard to see where the lines between fiction and non-fiction are in this book, but to me, that’s what makes it so great.

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August 9, — 7. The book also includes an understated This is a beautiful and harrowing account of the bombing of Hiroshima. Could such a theme yeild, in the widest sense, beauty? For a moment, I had a glimpse of something that looked like a captive balloon drifting lazily downwards in the sky beyond the barracks roof.

Masuji Ibuse (Author of Black Rain)

Ibuse’s documentary novel Black Rain is his widely acclaimed masterpiece about the aftermath of Hiroshima, expressed through the diaries of two survivors, Shigematsu and his niece, Yasuko. I don’t want them to hide it, not the weirdness or whichever direction it is gonna twist past or future. To have an open mind and to be able to accept new ideas is crucial when you look at people from a different type of background and way of thinking.

Ibuse wanted to make sense out of Hiroshima, to find a way to make it fit into some greater truth, but: Ibuse began serializing Black Rain in the magazine Shincho in January Structure wise it could use some improvement.

Set up a giveaway. Ibuse went as far as to pawn a watch to try to understand the necessities of writers. Aug 22, Rose rated it really liked it.

Within the main story, Ibuse includes excerpts from several different characters’ diaries. Retrieved from ” https: Victims of radiation sickness who tried to work would die very soon after their hair and maxuji would fall out, soon accompanied by other grossness. Return to Book Page. One of Ibuse’s first contributions was for the magazine Seiki, it was originally written for Aoki in and titled The Salamander maskji, in it was renamed Confinement. He lives a simple life in small village outside Hiroshima, where he takes his doctor’s advice to take it lbuse, rest often, and and eat well in order to combat the sickness.


His sensitivity to the complex web of emotions in a traditional community torn asunder by this historical event has made Black Rain one of the most acclaimed treatments of the Hiroshima story. The only prescribed medication was plenty of rest.

However much we may condemn what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki we should also be thankful, surely One can see why the Americans said nothing in the aftermath, negotiating the end of hostilities as they were, but the cold discipline of doing that! The survivalist stuff, like how they dug for clams under the bridge, or purchased from the blackmarket. It’s blacm to comprehend.

Masuji Ibuse’s Black Rain: Summary & Analysis

To blunder into red-hot cinders lying on the ground would mean getting badly burned The question is not so much medical as spiritual. Lists with This Book. August 5, Sold by: