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Adding Washer Fluid Open the cap with the washer symbol on it. Service and Appearance Mamual Press and hold the desired HomeLink Do not release the button. Hydroplaning Hydroplaning is dangerous. It is designed to stop the spare tire from suddenly falling off your vehicle if the cable holding the spare tire is damaged.

If you have to replace a wheel, use a new GM original equipment wheel. You cannot see or smell CO.

Storing a jack, a tire, or other equipment in the passenger manjal of the vehicle could cause injury. This should help straighten out the vehicle and prevent the side slipping. They could get so hot that they would not work well.

GMC 2005 Envoy Owner’s Manual

The inactive tape or CD will remain safely inside the radio for future listening. Newborn infants need complete support, including support for the head and neck. If wheel nuts keep coming loose, the wheel, wheel bolts and wheel nuts should be replaced. Chapters Section 1 Seats and Restraint Systems If you want more wipes, hold the band on mist longer. Skidding In a skid, a driver can lose control of the vehicle.

The amount of air inside the tire pressing outward on each square inch of the tire. This equipment is very important for proper vehicle loading and good handling when mxnual. This is a mistake. When a new vehicle is delivered, the dealer provides the owner with a pair of identical keys and a key code number. Page 40 Infants and Young Children Everyone in a vehicle needs protection!


Very cold snow or ice can be slick and hard to drive on. If one of the wheels is about to stop rolling, the computer mahual separately work the brakes at each front wheel and at both rear wheels.

05 GMC Envoy XL Owners Manual | eBay

See Where to Put the Restraint on page This upper panel position can be used as a cargo shade. Here are some things you must not do if you stall, or are about to stall, when going up a hill. Page 26 What is wrong with this? When the engine is running, the gage shows the condition of the charging system.

The odometer mileage can nevoy checked without the vehicle running. The button to operate this feature is located on the instrument panel and functions separately from your other washer systems. Top Strap Anchor Location For 7 passenger vehicles, if the position you are using has an adjustable head restraint, raise the head restraint and route the top strap under it. After a short delay the DIC will display the information that was last displayed before the engine was turned off.

Manual Rearview Mirror With Compass And Temperature Manual Rearview Mirror with Compass and Temperature The vehicle may have a manual rearview mirror with an eight-point compass and temperature display located in the upper right. There are two modes to choose from to clear fog or frost from your windshield.

05 GMC Envoy XL Owners Manual

Press down the top of the switch to lower the window and gnc up on the switch to raise the window. The display will show the temperature setting decreasing or increasing and an arrow pointing toward the driver. Using the Maintenance Schedule We at General Motors want to help you keep your vehicle in good working condition.


Care of Safety Belts Keep manuak clean and dry. If this pushbutton is held or pressed more than once, the player will continue moving backward through the CD.

GMC Envoy Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

This position locks the ignition and transmission. The shoulder belt cannot do its job. With any of these systems, the rear climate controls will be disabled when the front climate control system is in defrost.

The Plan supplements your new vehicle warranties. Avoid needless heavy braking. To scan preset stations, press and hold the SEEK button for two seconds and the encoy will advance to the next preset station.

A child restraint system is any device designed evnoy use in a motor vehicle to restrain, seat, or position children. The windshield is clean if beads do not form when you rinse it with water.

For persons nevoy 21, it is against the law in every U. Malfunction Indicator Lamp Malfunction Indicator Lamp Check Engine Light Your vehicle is equipped with a computer which monitors operation of the fuel, ignition, and emission control systems. Power Seats If you have this feature, the power seat controls are located on the outboard side of the front seat cushions.